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Share your wisdom and grow your business!

Whether you are a Financial Planner, Chiropractor, Real Estate Agent, Dentist or Mortgage Professional, you have an expertise and you have information to share!

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second. Consumers today do not want to be sold, they want to be educated and they are looking for information. In fact, 73% of purchase decisions begin with research conducted on either Google or Amazon.

So....the question is, what are you doing to position yourself as THE expert in your field? What are you doing to build your business using your expertise?

Let us help you create a plan to use your expertise to build a training plan to "Edumarket" your business!

Three simple steps can get you on the road to sharing your Expertise with the world!

Step 1

We’ll do an overall analysis of your expertise, marketing plan and product and service offerings. We will do a deep dive into your sales and marketing process, existing technology and social media strategies and then we will combine that with a deep dive into what types of questions your prospects are asking and what information you can provide to them. The goal is to compile an overall marketing plan and strategy to utilize your expertise to market and brand you as the expert.

Step 2

Based on our consultation, we will make recommendations to get your marketing and sales strategy aligned so they are working together and running like a well oiled machine. We will provide suggestions to develop and implement a sales and marketing plan that utilizes your expertise and creates a complete plan that includes videos, blogs, webinars, online training courses and live events that will position you as the expert and help you grow your business. We will also review your existing marketing, communication and training technology and provide improvements to help you automate your process.

Step 3

Once we've created your plan, we will help you implement your plan. Based on our suggestions we will review technology, production and marketing solutions that will be easy to implement. Segmentation will add another dimension to your marketing and sales efforts, allowing you grow your business using your expertise and create custom journeys for your prospects and customers for better education, sales, on-boarding and interaction.

“Creating an education and marketing plan that takes our expertise and uses it to educate our prospects and clients has taken our business to a new level. Automating the sales process has dramatically increased our revenue, and decreased the time our sales reps spend to convert a customer. Who knew that by educating and automating our customer journey, we could get more customers and have more time with our families”

-Jim Dunkerley, President, FirstFunding, Inc.

Use your expertise to market yourself and with our help build your business to the level you’ve always known you deserve!

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Go2training is a training consulting company that helps companies develop and implement training programs that leverage their expertise and position themselves as experts in their field.

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